Sharing Faith

As Matt shared at our APCM, it would be great for each one of us to feel like we can talk to our friends about our faith and about Jesus without feeling like it is awkward and difficult.

This two-evening course is about helping us grow in confidence. To overcome the feeling of ‘I can’t’, and to start to be able to use the opportunities God brings us to share faith with our friends, so that they might encounter the God who has changed our lives. There are two evenings to attend in each course and you will need to come along to both evenings. 

Any questions, please speak to Matt or email the office

To book onto a Sharing Faith Course, please select the one you are interested in below.

Tuesday 23 May & Tuesday 6 June

Thursday 8 June & Thursday 22 June

Monday 10 July & Monday 24 July

Tuesday 12 & Tuesday 26 September

Sunday 17 September & Sunday 8 October

Thursday 26 October & Thursday 9 November