Good News


God’s story

The gospel is God’s story. “Gospel” is an Old English word that means “good news”. God’s story is good news.

Here’s the story…

There are two realities: people and God. But between people and God there is a great chasm – a division that exists because of people’s inclination to prefer their own ways to God’s ways. The Bible calls this “sin” and it’s the source of all spiritual brokenness.


The problem is this; whenever we want to get close to God we can’t. No one can. Because the chasm is just too big. This is why people often say that God feels so far away.



So people try to build bridges to close the gap and bring God nearer. They try to be as good as they can be, donate money to charity, give up chocolate, visit an elderly neighbour or light a candle in a church. There’s nothing wrong with those things, in fact there is much value in them. But they just can’t bring anyone to God. The chasm is still too wide.

All the effort in the world is not enough to build a bridge that gets us to the other side. All our efforts fail to bridge the gap that exists between us and God.


The Solution

But thankfully, God knows our dilemma and, because he loves us, he did something about it.

He provided a way of getting close to him. He sent his Son, Jesus.

Jesus came to earth to be a bridge between heaven and earth. Whoever comes to Jesus in simple faith can cross the bridge and be with God forever.


When anyone makes a decision to leave behind their old values in life and turn to Jesus in faith things begin to change.

People who make this step often talk about ‘feeling brand new’, ‘discovering meaning in life’, ‘finding what they have always wanted’ or ‘coming home’.

In the Bible, Jesus puts it this way: ‘Whoever hears my word and believes him who sent me has eternal life and will not be condemned; they have crossed over from death to life’ (John 5:24).


What’s next?

Have you been trying to get across the chasm by your own efforts but without faith in Jesus? It doesn’t work.

God loves you. If you had been the only person on earth who needed it, Jesus would still have gone to the cross and died for you.

In a simple prayer of faith you can say sorry about your sins to God and commit your life to Jesus Christ. You cannot change the past, but you can change the future.

If you want to know more about the gospel or ask a question we’d love to hear from you.