Pastoral Care


Part of the mission statement at All Saints’ is to ‘care for those in need’ and caring for one another is a notable feature of church life at All Saints’.

The word ‘pastoral’ comes from the Bible’s image of the shepherd. Jesus, the Great Shepherd of the Sheep, is the inspiration and model for all our pastoral care.

A good shepherd will know his sheep well, lead them to good pasture, bandage their wounds, drive away predators, look for lost sheep and seek to bring them back into the fold.

This means that thorough pastoral care includes nurturing healthy faith and protecting from potential spiritual danger the whole church as well as supporting those in need.

Pastoral Care is having an attitude of care for each other which is the privilege and responsibility of every church member.

Whilst the clergy team and pastoral ministers hold responsibility for pastoral care, Life Groups are the key means through which members provide mutual support.

Pastoral Care Team (PCT)

The Pastoral Care Team is a group of people with a recognised gift and passion to care for others.

The team has people experienced in pastoral care who can provide additional support to the home group system; they are all skilled listeners and trained in prayer ministry.

* You can contact any member of the team if you require support or wish to talk through any issues.
* If you need ongoing support this can be discussed and arranged.
* If your circumstances require expertise beyond the skills of the group they can assist in finding the support you need.
* The group has access to others in the church who are willing to assist through providing practical help, prayer support, hospital or home visiting.

In addition to the clergy, we have a team of church members who have been trained to offer pastoral care and support, these are:

  • Nicola Dursley (Pastoral Minister)
  • Peter Gray (Pastoral Team Leader)
  • Karen Killick
  • Evelyn Leadbetter (Pastoral Minister)
  • Rachel Levinsohn
  • Kate Pickover
  • John Taylor
  • Chris Vass (Pastoral Minister)
  • Clare Warren

Pastoral Ministers

Pastoral Ministers are people with a recognised call to pastoral ministry who have undergone training with the Diocese of Durham Council for Ministry.  Chris Vass was commissioned in 2014. Evelyn Leadbetter and Nicola Dursley were commissioned in 2020.

We offer Pastoral Care in many ways and situations, including:

Life Groups

Life Groups encourage care and mutual support for All Saints’ members. Being part of a Life Group and getting to know other church members helps extend care in the church. If you wish to be linked to a Life Group even if you are unable to attend regularly please contact the church office.

Welcoming New People

We hope that new people attending All Saints’ will find a warm welcome. Periodically the church also holds Welcome Lunches for new members.

One-to-One Support

If you would like to meet on a regular or semi-regular basis with a Pastoral Care Team member for listening and support this can be arranged on request.

Prayer Ministry

Prayer ministry is offered at the 10.30am services each Sunday as well as after some 9.00am services. All Saints’ has a trained prayer ministry team. We also offer Prayer Appointments, for deeper prayer. We arrange up to three sessions with you which are confidential and conducted with trained prayer ministers. Contact the office to book.

Bereavement Support

The death of a loved one is always a difficult time. The pastoral care team has members who are trained to support, where necessary, those who have been bereaved. This may include listening and praying with an individual or if required organising bereavement counselling.

Hospital and Home Visiting

We have a number of people who are committed to visiting those in hospital or unable to leave their homes. Members of the Pastoral Care Team are available to make long term commitments to home visiting where necessary.