Karen Snowden

Connect Co-ordinator

Position within the Church: I lead the Connect ministry, helping to support and create community among elderly and retired people.

How and why did you become a Christian? I was brought up in the Methodist Church, but did not really become a Christian until I was 30. I knew that I wanted my children to know about Jesus so I brought them along to Toddler group and was then encouraged to come to a Family Service. I learnt more about God and how we are all special to Him and I started to attend other services. I went to a Christian conference in Somerset one summer and eventually decided to be confirmed at 33. I have been at All Saints’ since 1983.

What are your hobbies and interests? I enjoy walking, swimming, knitting, listening to music, easy crosswords and Sudoku and meeting friends for coffee.

And family? My husband comes to church with me whenever he can. Our youngest daughter used to come with me until she moved to Sheffield and is now at a church there.