Sunday for Youth

The young people start in the main 10.30am service with the whole church family every Sunday. After a time of worship together we leave and go to Youth Church in the Youth Room!

Our time together includes worship, prayer and ministry as well as teaching from the Bible. We always have hot chocolate and a simple breakfast together. There are also often games, discussions and various other ways of expressing church.

Youth Church is also a place where young people have the opportunity to practise their gifts as we encourage them to take a lead in our services. We are also keen to encourage our young people to serve the wider church community, once a month through ‘Youth Apprenticeships’. Here they are given the opportunity to discover their gifts as they serve in various different ministries around the church, which also enables them to connect with the wider church.

Once or twice a year our young people plan, prepare and present a full 10.30am service – including service leading, speaking, leading sung worship, prayers, doing Bible readings, organising the welcome tea, operating sound and visuals etc! These services are very creative, and a great opportunity for our young people to bless the wider church family.

At All Saints’ Youth we long for our young people to feel like they are at home; it is a very laid back and safe atmosphere, and all are welcome!


We also host a youth service called Refresh in partnership with Tees Valley Youth for Christ. Refresh takes place four times a year in the Centre at All Saints’ from 6pm-8pm.

The heart of Refresh is to bring Teesside young people together so that they can; encounter God, be transformed and change their world!

There are currently around 10-15 local churches who bring young people to Refresh! Young people are also very welcome to bring their friends who have never been to church before!

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